“With all the fluff on the radio these days, it’s refreshing to hear a band that is creating playful, organic pop music that isn’t mindless. Their music has a joyous and exuberant sound that is incredibly contagious. It’s the kind of music that makes you love life, love music, and love love."
-New York Minute Magazine

“In a world of overproduced sounds, Trouvere holds the amazing talent of sounding – and feeling – real.
They’re definitely on our “To Watch” list, as they should be yours.”

“It's no doubt we'll be hearing them on the soundtrack for upcoming seasons of television shows like "Girls" or all over the XM top 100...We like discovering bands that we know are going to be huge one day.”

“Their warming chords create the perfect easy-listening melodies – composed of serenading guitar strums, starry-eyed lyrics of love and a playful spirit – these two have the ideal spring sing-along songs.”

“Trouvere melds two sounds that I like: bouncy pop and cute-girl-voice.”

“I don’t fall head over feet for too many voices, but these two, together, are pure bliss. This EP is a classic.”

“One band we think you should keep an eye out for is Trouvere.”

“One to watch for sure.”
-Nashville Press

“...Trouvere is well on their way to making a splash in the Nashville scene.”